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    All kinds of environmentally friendly sheets produced by our company have passed the SGS inspection of the Swiss General Standard, and have been introduced into the list of qualified suppliers by many international famous electronic brand companies.
    product category
    Two-color film
    PP two-color film is suitable for food packaging such as sushi, pastry, high-end fast food, supermarket food, etc. It can directly contact with food and reach food grade.
    Ordinary antistatic sheet
    It is formulated with low-molecular-weight antistatic agent and PP raw materials. When the air humidity is higher than 60%RH, the sheet surface resistance value reaches 109~11 (Ω), and the antistatic effect is obvious; when the air humidity is lower than 60%RH, the antistatic effect gradually weakens.
    Permanent antistatic sheet
    It is formulated with a polymer antistatic agent fused with PP raw materials. Not affected by humidity, the surface resistance value reaches 108~9 (Ω), the antistatic effect is stable and permanent, it is an ideal antistatic sheet, and the surface has no carbon black and no dust precipitation. Suitable for high-precision electronic product packaging.
    Semiconducting sheet
    It is coated with conductive carbon black on the surface of the PP sheet, which is not affected by humidity. The surface resistance value reaches 106-9 (Ω), and the antistatic effect is stable and long-lasting. Suitable for electronic product packaging.
    Transparent sheet
    High transparency, good toughness, high surface cleanliness, higher rigidity than ordinary PP products, high temperature resistance of about 120 ℃, suitable for microwave ovens, no deformation, suitable for cup lids, lunch boxes and high-demand electronic trays.
    Non-slip shockproof wear-resistant sheet
    Special environmentally friendly materials are added to the surface of PP, which has the characteristics of soft, non-slip, shock-resistant, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which can replace flocking sheets. This sheet can also be made into conductive, semi-conductive, ordinary antistatic, and permanent antistatic effects.
    online service
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